Singapore is an expensive place to live and your daily expenses can add up fast. Major services can cost a lot of money too. This is why we are happy that we discovered Cool Earth Singapore, an  aircon service provider company  for those located throughout Singapore.

The weather in Singapore can be harsh, especially on cooling units. When you need your unit the most, it is important to keep checking it on a regular basis because you want to make sure it is running properly. Performing regular DIY cleaning can help. You can do it simply by removing the filter and use water to wash it.

This is what a lot of people do, but there was a case where two kids came down with bronchitis. When the parents went to the doctor, they were told that one of the causes may have been due to the air conditioning unit. This is why it’s important to hire a professional that knows how to inspect, maintain and clean air conditioning units.

One day we decided to give Cool Earth a call because of a similar situation, and what we did was search the internet for an aircon service. When we came across Cool Earth, we were impressed because of how responsive they were. This was one of the reasons trusted them, and then we trusted them even more after we initiated interaction.

It was a relief knowing that the company served Singapore’s residential areas, and at a good price. They have a lot of expertise and they offer quality services. This is why we believe they offer a lot for your money.washing-aircon

However, it is a good idea to book with them ahead of time. This is because they are often busier during some parts of the year. At least you should book ahead of time for major services, such as air conditioning installation or chemical cleaning.

Cool Earth installed the AC unites in our office, too. We often see them coming into the office and inspecting them on a regular basis. This is the kind of service people can expect from this company, regardless if you have commercial property or residential property.

The professionals at Cool Earth are friendly and you will learn a lot from them when they come to your property to service your air conditioning unit. For example, they may provide you with great tips on how to save energy and how to get the most from your AC. You will also learn how to detect issues that can affect your AC unit. The company serves all of Singapore, so it doesn’t matter where you are, if you have an issue with your air conditioning unit or you want a new one installed or have any questions, then feel free to give them a call today.